Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Three Years

It's hard to believe that three years ago at this exact time I was in the back of our old 4Runner, my dad driving, me trying not to wrinkle my wedding dress. If I'm being honest, it feels like so long ago. In my head, Karl and I have already been married for 20 years (in a good way). 

That being said, the last three years have not been easy. There have been pestering arguments, pet peeves to overcome, and "I'm Sorry" is said on almost a daily basis. Despite these moments, being married to Karl has been the greatest privilege of my life. It's difficult to express what Karl means to me. I've never had someone in my life who is so entirely a part of me and crucial to my happiness. 
Often the word, "love" doesn't do this feeling justice.

Here are some things that need to be said about this wonderful husband of mine:
-I never ever doubt that Karl loves me. 
-He makes me feel like the most valuable, beautiful person in the world.
-He is the hardest worker I know. Having the security of a phenomenal provider is incredibly comforting.
-Karl is silly. All the time. I sometimes take life too seriously, and when I do, there's Karl doing his nerdy dance, or changing the lyrics to songs.
-He's totally on board with my feminism and the whole concept behind Beauty Redefined.
-He's so kind. To everyone. 
-He's always the person everyone can rely on.
-He loves Weird Al and Star Trek TV shows. Nuff said.
-He's a hygiene freak. He sometimes showers twice a day just because.
-He changes the litter box every single time because he knows that I hate it. SWOON.
-He loves our kittens more than I've ever seen a man love a cat. 
-He's still so funny, even though he doesn't think so. He makes me laugh every day.
-He's a stone cold fox! Seriously though, he's really attractive.
Excellent photo by the wonderful Christy Brown Photography

These don't even touch all of the wonderful characteristics that make Karl an amazing husband and human. I'm so grateful for these last three years with the best friend I've ever had. I didn't know life could be so hard and so good. I'm so excited that I get to spend eternity with this hunk of mine. 


Mrs.Danielle.Warren said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Y'all are right behind us! I feel ya when you say y'all have been married for 20 odd years. I feel the same.

Annie said...

You guys are so cute!!!! Happy anniversary!!!!

Lindsay and Lexie said...

Happy anniversary! You two are the best. You're both very lucky! And Beauty Redefined is very lucky to have you two on our side :) Thanks for the shout out!


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