Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day, everyone! On a day like this, it's hard to be 2,800 miles away from my dad, but I know that my mom and sister will treat him right. My dad and I have definitely had our ups and downs. Some of my best memories are post-basketball games when I was a kid. He was the coach of the team my sister and I were on and after the games, whether we'd win or lose, he'd blast Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust" or "We are the Champions" and take us to McDonald's breakfast. When I was a teenager we had a few rough spots because, as my dad so eloquently puts it now, I was "a little shit." So sweet, huh? Haha. Now, I miss him all the time. I love visiting home and doing the simple things with him, like just making a Dunkin Donuts run. I can't wait to go home for Christmas so I can hang out with this stellar guy again.

My dad is the hardest worker I know (Okay, he's tied with Karl). He's also kind and so intelligent and insanely funny, even if it is in a "Dad Joke" kind of way. :)

Happy Father's Day to my own dad, my future baby-daddy (aka my husband), my two fathers-in-law, to Karl's grandfathers, whom I like to consider my surrogate grandfathers,and all the other dads out there.

Have a great day!

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