Thursday, February 23, 2012

Celtics v. Pacers

So ya...It's been  a month since I went to Boston and it's taken me this long to do my Celtics post. It's just a testament to how busy and stressed I've been.

Anyways, the night before my birthday, my dad got the family (and my sister's BFF) tickets to the Celtics game. When my little sister, Clarissa and I were younger, my dad used to take us to Celtics games. Clarissa and I both played basketball on various teams pretty much the whole time we were growing up. We loved basketball, so of course we got excited to see the Celtics play. One time we painted our faces green to get on the jumbotron. We tried to write "GO" on my face and "Celtics" on Clarissa's. We did it in the mirror and realized only after I completed my face that it said, "OG." We did it the right way on Clarissa's but we still said "OG Celtics." Haha. Anyways, the Celtics weren't too good back then and of course were were devastated when they lost. That's why a few years ago when they made it to the finals and ended up winning the whole thing, we were pretty much ecstatic. So ya, as you can see, we bleed green. Haha.

Now it's time for some pictures!

From Mom's phone, taken with Instagram. On the T on the way to the game. Of course we dressed up and painted our faces. It's tradition.
Dad holding the ticket
From left to right: Dad, Karl, (doesn't he look charming?), Clarissa, Mom, and Greg
Official Celtics fan photo!
Welcome to the Garden!
Karl and I taken with Instagram on Mom's phone.
Clarissa and Greg
Start of the game, jump ball. Garnett obviously owned it.
I know it's blurry, but this was on of Pierce's money shots of the night. I love the faces on the Pacers players. They're just like, "Whaaaaaaaaattttttttt???" I imagined that in slow motion.
Celtics WIN!!!

 As you can see, the night was awesome. There was screaming and cheering and dancing and booing. Haha. The perfect time at a perfect basketball game.

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