Thursday, March 31, 2011

How To: Wax Your Own Eyebrows In 10 Easy Steps

So, as many of you know, my mom is an aesthetician. She's phenomenal at her job. Really. Because of this fact, since I was a young teen with unruly eyebrows, my mom always waxed them for me. She's the best waxer there is. No one has ever been able to create the perfectness that my mom has. Trust me, I've looked. Since moving to Utah, I no longer have my free waxer, so I've been paying about $20 each time I go to get my eyebrows done. A few days before my wedding, my mom picked up a little microwave waxing kit by Gigi at Sally's for about $20 so she could give me my perfect look. The kit includes wax, waxing strips, wood sticks to spread the wax, makeup remover, wax remover, and hair minimizer. After the wedding was over, I had my wax kit just sitting under my sink. Now that I'm unemployed, I can't really afford to pay $20 for an eyebrow wax, so I thought I'd try it on my own. Here is my step by step process:

1. Pull your hair back and make a ridiculous face.
2. If your eyebrows are getting a little long, take a comb and brush them straight up. Carefully trim them with a pair of sharp scissors. TIP: Be careful. Less is more.
3. Apply a makeup remover to the area all around your eyebrows.
4. Heat up your wax. I put mine in the microwave (on a paper plate in case of spillage) for 2 minutes and that was a little too much. I had to wait 15 min. til it cooled. You want it cool enough where it's not liquid-y, but hot enough that it isn't impossible to spread it. I recommend testing a bit of wax on your arm (in an inconspicuous spot) just to make sure it's not too hot.
Don't mind the lack of makeup!
5. Take your wood stick (or whatever tool you're using) and start spreading just a tiny bit of wax on the outer edge of the brow.
6. Adhere the strip and firmly rub it down over the wax spot.
7. Hold your skin taught and grab the end of the strip and rip it off in the opposite direction of the hair growth.
8. After pulling off the strip, immediately rub your finger firmly over the spot you just waxed to relieve the pain.
8. Repeat further in and in between the brows, if necessary.
9. Remove excess wax with wax remover included in the kit.
10. Give yourself a pat on the back. You did awesome.

 Don't go crazy. If you can't get a couple of hairs, don't worry about it. You can pluck the strays later. Remember! Eyebrows should be sisters, not twins!

In the end, it was pretty painless. A lot less so than when I pay to have them done. I think concentration cancels out trepidation. Haha. I'm pretty confident thatI did a decent job. They're not perfectly even, but they're not different enough that someone would notice. Also, they're a bit thinner than I like, but I actually prefer it that way so I can go longer without having to wax again. And I'll reiterate: Wax kit that lasts at least 1 year: $20. One time getting your brows waxed professionally: $20. There's no contest. The best part is that I'll keep getting better and better at this. I'm so glad I tried it, and I'm really excited to keep learning new techniques. Any questions? Is this something that you'd ever try at home?

Update: I just talked to my mom. she said not to continually wax your eyebrows too thin, otherwise the hair will stop growing there. Good to know! Otherwise, she gave the seal of approval on my waxing endeavor!

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